Summer dates are all sundays – June 12th, July 17th, August 21st and September 4th 😊

Collages Jan and I had great fun doing! With all sorts of hidden messages for us, and little reminders eg ‘ Go with the Flow’.
If you are yet to come along and do one, you’ll love the whole day I promise – so get in touch and get booked up.
June and July dates are definitely ‘Change for the Better’ days (where you’ll get to do a collage in the afternoon.
We haven’t decided which yet, but one of the next dates will be a ‘Freewheel into the Future’ for those ready to move on from day 1.
If you fancy that please let us know which date would work better for you, and we’ll sort it to suit 😊

Go with the Flow!

Go with the Flow!

Power Unleashed!

Power Unleashed!

Sunday 22nd May is the day!

Thought these two ‘gulls’ at sunrise, could be Jan and Mal greeting a new start to the course calendar. We’ve sorted a date – Sunday 22nd May for the next course. Now to decide if it’s ‘Change for the Better’ or ‘Freewheel into the Future’ – what do you want?

Planning course dates as we speak, but definitely in April/May!

Busy times for Jan and Mal have made it a bit harder for us to sort out the next course date.  You know how the song goes ‘how do you pin a wave upon the sand?’ ……. well that’s how our forward planning has been lately!

But we are definitely going to offer both  ‘Change for the Better’ and a ‘Freewheel into the Future’ courses by the end of May.  So …….. if you are up for either of these please let us know which (and if there are any weekends you can’t do) and we’ll work out dates that fit 🙂

trying to pin a wave upon the sand!!

trying to pin a wave upon the sand!!

It’s ok – our next day is not till after Christmas! Sunday 10th January is the next ‘Change for the better’ workshop.

I know – it’s nearly December and the Chrstmas madness is upon us all. So we’ve decided that we’ll celebrate the new year ahead by offering you a chance to come along for a reviving Sunday workshop on 10th January 2016.

This will let you review the year gone by, reflect on where you are in your life now and recommit to creating a great year to come.

As well as that you’ll get a relaxing reiki treatment, and a chance to share a lovely day with lovely people – a late Christmas present to yourself (or for someone else – we have vouchers!)

One of our last course participants just sent this great picture which reminded them of us ( Starfish rule ok!)

Upcoming dates for ‘Change for the Better’ Sundays – November 1st and 22nd 2015

Loving the joyful colours!

Hope you’ll be able to make one of these dates – a little pre-Christmas present to yourself 🙂

And if it helps you to enjoy a stress-free holiday then it might be a bit of a present for everyone else too 😉

Check out the ‘Courses and Workshops’ page for further details of the day and feel free to ring Jan or Mallory for more info.

Donation Days for ‘Change for the Better’ on Sunday 20th September AND ‘Freewheel into the Future’ on Sunday 11th October!

We had a great response to our offer of ‘donation’ days to finish off the Summer with a ‘simple but deep’ pamper day for the spirit. So much so we’ve had to put two on!

‘Change for the Better’ will run on Sunday 20th September and we still have some places available – so contact us quickly to book one 🙂 You’ll will also find out just why Starfish are so significant to youcan2.

‘Freewheel in the Future’ on Sunday 11th October is pretty full now – but if you’re keen to build on your collage day then let us know and we’ll see what we can do.

The offer is for us to waive our fixed £60.00 fee, and for you to pay what you are able to (as well as bringing the 5 cans of food for the homeless)

See you soon!

Last call for a donation day!! Sunday 20th September

Hi all you folks who wanted to take advantage of our donation (instead of fixed fee) days, but couldn’t make it in August (scroll down to see earlier posts).

Now that most people are back from holiday, we have earmarked Sunday 20th September as another chance to come along to one of our youcan2 lovely days and make a donation (plus your 5 cans of foodstuffs for the homeless).

Let us know as quickly as you can IF you would like to come along AND if you want to do the first day ‘Change for the Better’ OR you are ready to move onto the second day in the series ‘Freewheel into the Future’. (If you aren’t sure – check out the ‘courses’ page or contact us for a chat)

Looking forward to seeing you

Check out our special summer offer for August 9th and 16th

Jan and I have been busy bees planning our next sessions!  We have a couple of dates in August (Sunday 9th and  Sunday16th) all lined up.

Busy bees! we would like to offer you the chance to come along and enjoy one of our lovely days. Even better – instead of charging the usual £60.00 we are happy for you to make a donation instead.

On these dates we want to offer you the chance to come along to one of our lovely days, and instead of charging the normal £60.00 we are happy to take donations !

We have always said that we didn’t want to exclude people who wanted to come and were struggling to afford it.  But sometimes people didn’t let us know – so we think this might be an easier way for you to sign up and just pay what you decide you can. Hope this helps!

It will be the full ‘Change for the Better’ course (go to the courses and workshops page for more details). So get in touch via the contact page on the website or ring Mallory on 07517423669 if that’s easier, to have a chat or book a place.