Courses and workshops

……continually evolving!

These are an example of what youcan2 offered, and either of us could look at ways to evolve some of the key elements to suit an individual or a small group in future.

We offer

  • Inspiring coaching for groups using creativity and complementary therapy
  • Workshops are generally for about 4 – 10 people depending on the venue. If people are coming to us, then 6 would be the optimum course size

As a participant you will

  • Understand where you are at right now and where you want to be
  • Find  inspiring and easy ways to create the life of your dreams
  • Create a positive life plan for yourself
  • Try out short complementary therapies to relax and centre
  • Have fun and free up your potential.

What ?

Workshop 1 is a ‘Change for the Better’ day – where the focus is on finding your calm centre and making a creative collage to identify what you really want in your life now and in the future.

Workshop 2 is a ‘Freewheel into the Future’ day – that will let you identify and explore your key strengths, create your wheel of life and check that the two things are in alignment and balanced – it makes for a much smoother ride through life !!  Then you will be better placed to make decisions and take your next steps.


  • Individuals or existing groups (of friends or workmates) who want to explore ways of understanding and dealing with life changes and life choices In their lives, workplaces, communities and the world!


  • By providing a calm, energizing, fun and supportive environment for participants to use creativity to access and reveal subconscious dreams.
  • To build on these dreams and plan their next steps and identify intentions.
  • To increase resilience and well being by exploring alternative therapies and meditation.
  • To acknowledge the fast pace of change both globally and locally which affects everyone and identify ways people can help their world.

The essence of our creative days is to provide time and space, support and fun, and allow things to develop as they will.

Whether you are one person looking for inspiration, or a business wanting to support staff, please just get in touch and we can sort it!


Hi Mal,
Thank you so much for yesterday’s session, I loved being there! I get so much out of having protected time for creativity and allowing my intuition to flow freely and safely (ie unchallenged by me!).
Love my collage too 🙂 and my last year review wheel.
Thanks so much again, it was totally gorgeous.
Afterwards I bumped into lots of friends in Tynemouth, all of us had travelled there separately, it was such a joyous coincidence. Love and hugs.

Astrid Alvarez

Thank you so much again for Saturday. Enlightening and so thought provoking – bit of a servicing for the soul!  Definitely brushes the lazy thinking cobwebs away and has really got me thinking. I am going to be much kinder to myself and let positivity and enthusiasm in!
(Jackie F)

I came to the Change for the Better course before I went back to work after a long holiday.  I went along with an open mind as I wasn’t sure what to expect but as soon as I walked in I knew I had done the right thing.  We carried out all the creative activities in a friendly and relaxing atmosphere.  Without realising it I picked up so many hints and tips along the way, on how to change my life and it gave me important time for my own reflection.  I know that these helpful hints will have a big impact on my day to day life.  I would recommend it to anyone who wants to come away feeling positive and realising that other people often have the same worries as you!   I am already signing up for another day!
(Suzanne Walker)

I have had a pretty rough time for a while now but I felt such a strong feeling of wellbeing yesterday which I haven’t felt in such a long time, I almost forgot what it felt like to feel good on the surface and underneath it.

I also want to say a massive thank you for another really excellent session, I loved it! Have felt absolutely brilliant since Sunday and can’t stop admiring my artwork it makes me feel good every morning. So having sorted out some life goals, found a way to talk about these with the nearest and dearest as well as having it to look at every day I feel on top of the world!

A truly inspiring and calming afternoon with Jan and Mallory; a work out for the spirit.  I would recommend it to everyone looking for a positive start to the new year. My collage is on the kitchen wall reminding me of my personal and career goals every day and even my colleagues have commented on my infectious,  renewed can do attitude.
(Marie Brett)