Welcome and goodbye to youcan2 as you know it!


‘Bringing balance, creativity and clarity to individuals in times of change’

Hello but I’m afraid it’s goodbye from me and it’s goodbye from her…

It is now January 2021 and, as for all of us, LOTS OF CHANGES have happened!

Jan has moved to be near family in Hay-on-Wye, while Mallory is still in Tynemouth, so running our wonderful in-person groups together isn’t possible, even when the Covid restrictions ease.

We will continue to run our own businesses, and each of us may offer some of the exercises / workshop days to individuals or small groups where we now are but not as youcan2. So if you are interested check out us out on our own websites 😊

Jan (www.etoileenterprises.co.uk)

and Mallory (www.mallorysmith.co.uk)

Or give either of us a call –

Jan Etoile on 07866 764 648

Mallory Smith on 07517 423 669